About Us

It is a construction company that set out to produce distinguished housing projects and aims to "build spaces where people will feel happy, peaceful and safe".

One of the main features that distinguish Korkmaz Yapı İnşaat from some of its peers is that it attaches great importance to environmental and social factors as well as construction and material quality in its projects and its careful approach.

On the other hand, to complete projects quickly and on time to ensure that customers can settle in their homes as soon as possible; It is one of our indispensable principles not to disappoint the trust in us in this matter.

Korkmaz Yapı İnşaat has adopted a trade and service understanding based on quality and customer satisfaction. This understanding aims to realize quality not only in construction but also in all corporate dimensions including sales and service processes.

In order to achieve this, every employee must own his / her job, take responsibility, use initiative, and have all the necessary knowledge and skills in their field.

A value as important as quality and service is to offer it at an affordable cost and price. This is a sense of responsibility for our customers rather than ourselves.

Openness, transparency and Honesty are our most basic qualities that give our customers the confidence they have in us. We are aware of the need to protect this in all our business and services ...